IAGB (India Association of Greater Boston) in collaboration with Shishu Bharti is excited to present a fun-filled, thoughtful , and educational insight into India’ s long journey from being a subjugated nation to a Rebublic nation. There will be 2 sessions Please register at the link below to participate. All classes will be held on Zoom. Upon registration you will receive a Zoom ID and password to participate. Registration is free.

Though the current state of affairs put the globe on pause, this gave me time and opportunity to reflect on many aspects; it has driven me to innovate continuously and revisit my priorities. Covid-19 is indeed new and unfamiliar to everyone, the isolation and separation we now face does not feel amicable to many of us. However, in reality, the world (us) needed a time-out to remember how to appreciate what (world) it had but forgot to experience.

We have seen immense attack to the U.S. Immigration System by the current Administration over the last four years, and these attacks became more vigorous in the last 3-4 months. Although we can all agree that the U.S. immigration laws are overdue for reform, it is fortunate that the current administration was not able to change any existing laws and make it even harder for immigrants. The current administration was very aware that they would not get any support from Congress, so they attempted to use options not requiring any Congressional approval to make changes to existing processes.

Public service is innate to Indian American culture. Most Indian Americans are active in public service via their community service and through active participation in various nonprofit and charity organizations. Probably the most prominent way until date Indian Americans have contributed is via their skills. Indian Americans have been forebearers of innovation in the fields of health care, technology and education. Hence a natural progression can be seen now in the landscape of the elected body.

IAGB invites writers, chefs, artists, photographers and dreamers to submit entries under various categories listed below. IAGB editors will select and publish. We strongly encourage you all to avail this opportunity and participate in the 74th India Day celebrations in your own way!!!