The story telling competition this year was slightly different from the previous years.
The first difference is pretty obvious, that the competition was held through Zoom sessions rather than face-to-face. The 2nd difference is that we had IAGB Youth directors who along with the IAGB Board members, co-organized this competition. My name is Sushil Motwani, and I am one of the Directors on the board of the India Association of Greater Boston, and Aarushi Pant who is a junior at Westboro High, is our IAGB Youth Director who co-organized it along with me. The 3rd difference was that this time, we provided topics on which the kids would create a story, as compared to previous years, where kids could tell a story on whatever they wished:

IAGB annually hosts a Junior Shark Tank event, a pitch competition for aspiring young entrepreneurs to introduce their ideas, receive feedback, and potentially take home a prize along with a range of valuable skills. From the beginning, this competition has served to uplift the children of the community and support them in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Thus, the Junior Shark Tank is first and foremost an experience to grow and learn.

On January 23, 2021, 7 groups of students participated in the Junior Shark Tank held virtually, organized and run by Supriya Shekar and Cynthia Rajeshkanna. Each team pitched a phenomenal business idea. Before the competition, the students prepared comprehensive pitch decks, and they received feedback. The participants were able to revise their pitch with this feedback in mind before submitting materials to the judges.

Judging poetry is a tall order to meet – it takes high poetic caliber, creative & analytical skills as well as in depth literary understanding to be able to judge poetry. And you did it with such precision and passion!
IAGB Youth Associate Nithya Raj & I, Tanu Basu are truly humbled & delighted to have worked with refined literary personalities like our esteemed judges and all the talented contestants who graced the IAGB Poetry Writing Competition 2021 with their poetic creations.
Judges and contestants, thank you truly, for gracing us with your input and for your contribution in making the IAGB Poetry Writing Competition 2021 such a great success!

Creating quizzes has been an activity of interest to me for many years now. The first time I hosted a quiz competition was when I was in high school. The idea of quizzing to me is not just teasing the brain but making the experience fun and entertaining. I always hated the types ‘the tallest…’, the longest…’, ‘the oldest…’. It is obvious that not everyone knows everything and hence that goal always has been to frame questions in such a manner that participants can arrive at the correct answer by some intelligent guessing.

India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) conducted an essay competition as part of India’s Republic Day celebrations. The competition was held in 3 categories – category A for 5 to 9 years, category B for 10 to 15 years, and category C for 16 to 25 years.

The topic for category A was ‘Describe an Indian cultural or traditional heritage that you cherish the most’, and the topic for both category B and C was ‘How Indian culture is translated in America’. The competition was in English with a 1,000-word limitation and was open to all students in the New England area.

IAGB has been hosting a Chess competition as part of its Republic day celebration over the past several years. This year organizing committee had to rethink organizing the competition under the shadow of COVID. As in years past, we collaborated with Kavyashree Mallanna, one of New England’s top chess players and founder-director of Celestial Minds. Through this collaboration, we organized and conducted the competition entirely online using the platform.

Supriya Shekar, IAGB RD 2021 Competition Segment Lead and Owner of PlateNextDoor, the Competition Prize Sponsor, kicked of the competition promotion last Dec 31st, comparing it to ‘The Great British Baking Show, LIVE on TV”. Our event was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube and lasted all of 2 hours.
It was our first in trying a virtual LIVE Cake decorating competition and we were unsure on how to run the show remotely. On the day of the event, with each competitor having two video connections, we went impromptu, interacting and observing each participant work from their own kitchens, decorating their cakes and cupcakes. The judges also virtual, engaged with each participant asking relevant questions, keeping the audiences engaged!

Among the several competitions held each year to commemorate the Republic Day celebrations, Bollywood Quiz was never part of those competitions. For the first time ever, a Bollywood Quiz competition was held in addition, and the number of registrations for this, definitely makes this as a permanent venture for the future years.
My name is Sushil Motwani, and I am one of the Directors on the board of the India Association of Greater Boston, and was the host/emcee for this competition.

“The aim of art is not to represent the outside appearance of things but their inward significance.” – Aristotle This is the perfect quote representing the activities and motivation behind the recent art competitions held by IAGB as part of Republic day 2021 celebrations. Over the past year, we have all learned to adapt and …

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Baithe baithe kya kare, karna hai kuch kaam;
Chalo shuru karo antakshari, leke Prabhu ka naam.

Most people that have grown up in India know these words by heart! It was the launch of an hour or two of musical entertainment. Singer or no singer, everyone got an equal opportunity to sing their hearts out. Yes, that is our beloved Antakshari!

IAGB’s version of Antakshari is very well known and popular in the New England area. Though the challenges this year were big, so was the need for it. Once the IAGB Antakshari team was formed, the most obvious questions we were facing was how to make it fun and competitive in the virtual environment keeping up the true spirit of the game. But where there is a will, there is a way. The team of Lata Rao, Prag Singh, Vaishali Gade and Yogita Miharia got on the task early in December 2020.