“An Indian American Perspective on US General Election”​
So how do you tackle the challenge of asking two extreme sides to find a common ground on policies or see issues only through the prism of your own community? By virtue of first letting them come to a forum with the mindset that while it’s not easier to have a conversation when you make a case for your own cause and beliefs vs make a case against someone else’s cause and beliefs, but also know that they need to raise the bar and be the example that community can look forward to.​

What happens when you ask people to ignore the big news cycle and look close to your home/town? A very meaningful conversation occurs, with over 40 participants, about where our tax dollars are going, how our children’s needs are getting addressed in local school systems and above all, how can we have a voice in this multiracial community as an Indian American, or as IAGB likes to call it, initiation of “coupling”.​

Adway Wadekar, is a rising senior at Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Wadekar excels both inside and outside the classroom – he is a National AP Scholar, a distinction received by only about 50 juniors in Massachusetts each year. He is passionate about research in the quantitative social sciences, and has adekar has also designed and presented workshops to raise the awareness of substance abuse among middle- and high school students. 

won numerous awards at regional, state, national, and international competitions, the most prestigious one being at the International Science and Engineering Fair. Wadekar has published his research as a solo author in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences. He was selected to participate in the New England High School Journalism Collaborative Summer Workshop, co-sponsored  by The Boston Globe, and the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute. He is excited about journalism as an avenue to connect with people on a grassroots level, and to bridge the gap between ordinary people and scientific discoveries. He serves as the Contributing Writer for the Community Advocate Newspaper, as the Photographer in Residence for the Town of Westborough and as the President of his school’s mock trial team

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