India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) is the oldest and one of the leading Indian-American organizations in New England. It serves the Indian-American communities in the Greater Boston area - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Mission Statement

IAGB strives to foster a strong Indian cultural and community presence in the Greater Boston area.


Founded in 1962 as a socio-cultural organization, IAGB has played an important role in bringing the area's Indian communities together. Its activities include hosting two hugely popular events that draw audiences in the thousands every year: "India Day" celebrates India’s independence from British rule and "Republic Day" celebrates the promulgation of India’s constitution as a pluralistic, democratic and secular republic.

In its early years, IAGB played a major role in bringing the then small Indian community together to celebrate Indian festivals and special occasions. It must be noted that its annual India Day celebration at the Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston has grown into one of the largest ethnic events in the City of Boston, drawing thousands of people of all ethnicities comprising not only Indian Americans, but also the national mainstream.

By providing a platform for their artistic expression, IAGB actively encourages the participation of performers of all ages. This helps keep them connected with their cultural heritage. IAGB also hosts other events, such as a Hindi play, summer cruises and college workshops.

IAGB is governed by a 19-member Executive Committee consisting of professionals, who speak different languages, come from different backgrounds, and are a microcosm of the unity-in- diversity that is India. IAGB thrives because of the dedication and hard work of its volunteer officers and the continued enthusiastic support from the Greater Boston communities. It looks forward to continuing to work in the spirit of its mission for years to come.

Executive Committee


PRESIDENT: Ms. Jaya Voruganti (read bio)
VICE PRESIDENT: Mr. Praveena Naduthota (read bio)
SECRETARY: Mr. Avinash Patil
TREASURER: Mr. Sanjay Gowda

Ms. Ruchi Agrawal
Mr. Matthew Chacko
Mr. Narender Chhabra
Ms. Jeyanthi Ghantraju (read bio)
Ms. Zehra Khan
Mr. Robin Matthews
Ms. Suzana Naik
Mr. Ujjwal Parikh
Mr. Avinash Patil
Mr. Venu Rao
Ms. Lata Rao
Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi
Ms. Aditi Taylor


Dr. Anil Saigal (2013-15)
Mr. Amrit Soni (2011-13)
Mr. Mohan Dali (2009-11)
Ms. Rita Shah (2007-09)
Mr. M. Rajinikanth (2005-07)
Dr. Anupam Wali (2003-05)
Mr. Ram Voruganti (2001-03)
Dr. Nannaji Saka (1999-2001)
Ms. Kamal Misra (1997-99)
Dr. Kaplesh Kumar (1995-97)
Mr. Ramesh Motwane (1993-95)
Mr. Indra Deb (1991-93)
Mr. Alok De (1989-91)
Dr. Bijoy Misra (1987-89)
Mr. Surendra N. Singh (1985-87)
Mr. D.N. Chadha (1983-85)
Ms. Saroj Sawhney (1981-83)
Dr. Chander Kapasi, MD (1979-81)
Mr. H.L. Khetarpal (1977-79, deceased)
Mr. R. Satyaprasad (1975-77)
Mr. Prem Amin (1973-75)
Mr. Shiva Sheel (1971-73)
Mr. Jeevan Sachdeva (1969-71)
Mr. Inder Kamal (1967-69)
Dr. Madhukar Pathak, MD (1963-65, deceased)
Mr. Raj Saxena (1962-63, deceased)


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Robert’s Rules of Order (click here to read Robert's Rules)

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