Our Initiatives

In an effort to broaden our reach across the Indian-community and our society at-large, we have organized our initiatives in the following five platforms. Additionally, in order to keep our operation running, we also need constant support with fundraising, marketing and PR activities. If you have the interest, capability or availability to join us in this journey, come volunteer with us on any of the initiatives or the operational activities. Just click the VOLUNTEER button on the right to send us a message!  


Civic Leadership

Create a visible presence and voice for the Indian-American community in New England. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Liaise with the state representatives and cites/town leadership on Indian American initiatives for increase local awareness.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to create a cohesive approach for Indian-American presence to address issues as they arise
  • Develop a centralized point to receive/address inquiries requiring active mobilization of the Indian-American community


Community Services

Activate the organization's strength and resources to serve the needy in our adopted land of USA and our motherland, India. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Organize visible activities (health screenings, walks, fundraisers) to support specific initiatives.
  • Mobilize the strength of our community as a single presence across multiple cultural organizations).
  • Organize a bi-annual active community service day for Indian-Americans from various organization.


Next Gen Engagement

Garner opportunities for our young adults and next generation children to get involved in various activities. Examples of activities under this platform include:
Engage experience from Indian-American academic community to hold college workshops

  • Create programs for students through ideathon, TEDex type workshop activities.
  • Organize multiple mini-competitions (chess, debates, quizzes, painting, arts, etc.)
  • 'Little Store' type activities for kids to support fundraising for their charity of choice
  • Sponsor 'all-round excellence' scholarship programs

Senior Interactions

Nurture a sustainable platform to unite our seniors to share knowledge and experiences. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Create a seniors forum to allow a social interaction opportunity for retired members and visiting parents from our community
  • Organize seminar for discussions on various topics, including Finance, Holistic Health, Culture, Society
  • Collaborate with local organizations to organize free health workshops


Organize various cultural programs to keep our Indian American community connected with the culture of our motherland, India. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Republic Day Celebrations
  • Independence Day Celebrations
  • Theater performances
  • Musical programs
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