Online Yoga Sessions

IAGB extends free daily live online yoga sessions
- Guru Samaga

IAGB has extended and continues to offer free online live tele-yoga sessions, specifically designed to help well-being during this stressful time. We are partnering with NationalInstitute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS) and its Integrated Centre for Yoga (NICY) located in Bengaluru to offer the yoga sessions. Initially, the yoga sessions were offered 5-days a week for four weeks in April. We saw upwards of 65 people attending these sessions regularly, and people from all over are benefitting from these sessions. 


The overwhelming response compelled us to extend the yoga session beyond the initial four-week offering. These free yoga sessions are currently running for an hour on weekdays, starting at 7 am. The focus is on breathing exercises, pranayama, and meditation. The entire course is carefully planned based on scientific research and data. For more information and joining the sessions, please click


IAGB in partnership with NIMHANS (National Institute for Mental Health and Neurosciences) and its Integrated Center for Yoga (NICY), Bengaluru, India, also organized a special power-packed 3.5-hour session with several experts and panelists from India and the USA sharing their experiences on the International Day of Yoga on June 21. The program started with a live yoga session, followed by an overview of the scientific/medical research data related to mental health through a webinar headed by Padmashri Dr. B.N. Gangadhar. Well renowned yoga practitioner and an eminent Physician/Yoga expert and the Director of SVYASA University, Dr. Nagarathna, in her presentation titled “Yoga for mental health” covered many aspects of her and her institute’s work and highlighted the important aspects of practicing yoga as a family. Following that, a moving video message by Sadguru, Founder of ISHA, specifically focused on people living in the USA was shared. In the next the segment, Harvard University Faculty, Prof. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, shared a presentation on “Yoga for stress.” and showcasing the strides yoga research is making in academia. The final segment of the day involved a panel discussion on “Yoga in Modern Life and Healthy Life Style.” The well-known ayurvedic medicine practitioner, Dr. Jyoti C Hinduja, and yoga practitioners Ram Chelkhara from the Art of Living Foundation, Jay Gupta from ‘Yoga Caps,’ Mr. Dev Lingadevaru from Bramhakumaris, and Mr. Narendra Karapakula from ‘Bharatiya Yog Sansthan’ participated in the panel discussion. Over 180 people attended the entire program.