Director's Corner

Director’s Corner – Sushil Motwani

In today’s world, news and information are delivered in so many ways, that it is impossible and overwhelming to keep track of information that is relevant and important for future references. The year 2020 has brought us a new world problem – the spread of the Corona Virus – COVID-19 as it is medically termed as. Searching information from Google, again leads to more websites and channels that can be overwhelming and confusing. Let us not use “WhatsApp” / Instant-Messaging or websites which may provide us false information as our central source of information. Also, beware of Coronavirus phishing / spam – hackers are using the pandemic as a bait to get your personal credentials. Do not click on emails, if you are unsure of the source. Attentiveness and knowledge are your two best tools. Look carefully to spot wrong addresses, misspelled domains, URLs with misleading labels, and other signs.

Director’s Corner – Prag Singh

In the world of psychology, there is a concept called “de-coupling”. Let me flip this a bit and call it “coupling” to make it easier to drive the conversation here. This phenomenon has played a major role in some historical contexts. At the core of it, it’s all about a “factor/environment” that influence the outcome of a certain activity and in the absence of that factor the activity can see a dramatic decline/increase in its occurrence. A well-known example is the Kansas City experiment of police control. A successful outcome where the power given to police force in a “well defined area” reduced the crime dramatically (without understanding “coupling” scenario, expansion of power resulted into nationwide issue of increased police brutality).