Sewa International is a humanitarian, non-profit service organization. Founded in 2003, Sewa International is part of a larger movement that started in India in 1989 and is active in twenty countries. Sewa serves humanity irrespective of race, color, religion, gender or nationality. Its mission is to serve humanity in distress, aid local communities, run developmental projects for the underserved, and assist people in transformational change through the power of innovation by mobilizing partners, donors and volunteers.

“Gurjar is at its best under the Leadership of Women President” – Dr.Dinesh Patel
There have been 9 female Presidents of Gurjar.

IAGB: Tell us about Gurjar, its history and its EC structure.
Gurjar: A small group of Guajarati folks used to meetup for garba, something very essential to all of them. They rented the basement of a church and danced to their hearts content. Food used to be potluck style. The discussion to start Gurjar started in 1976 after the garba was attended by almost 150 people. That is when the need for an organization became clear, which would reach out to people staying in the suburbs. In a meeting in Dec 1976, the decision to create an organization was taken. Gurjar was officially formed as a non-profit in Apr 1977

IAGB: Tell us about your organization, its history, and its EC structure.
RD & RK: TMM was officially started in 2015 as a non-profit by eight people. The informal family gatherings started in 2010 in Nashua, and it grew into TMM because of the interest of the community. The board consists of nine members. The EC has no set number of members. Our term is two years and one has to be in the EC for 2 years to join the board and the president should serve one term in a board to be a president.