Every year, IAGB celebrates India’s Republic Day anniversary in January and the Independence Day anniversary (India Day) in August, and hosts a college admissions workshop in the Fall. Sponsoring/hosting these events requires substantial funds. Your membership fee allows IAGB to successfully host these events for the benefit of the Indian-American community of New England.

You can pay online by VISA, MC AMEX, DISCOVER OR PAYPAL by clicking on the appropriate links below.

1 year – Single, $15
1 year – Family, $20
Lifetime Family, $250
Corporate 1-year, $100
Corporate Life, $500

Note 1: “Family” is defined as Husband, Wife and two minor children.

Note 2:  All “1 year” memberships expire on August 31 each year.

You can also become an IAGB member by filling out the membership form and sending in the appropriate amount. Click here to download a membership form. Please complete the form and mail it with a check to: IAGB, P.O.Box 1345, Burlington, MA 01803.